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These are some of usual problem people are facing with their hosting service:
<>] support that was painfully slow to respond to requests
<>] even slower, ancient, overloaded servers with horrible page loading times, especially under any traffic load
<>] hosting support that didn’t want to actually fix anything but just try to quickly send me to long, difficult, technical articles and expect me to:
(a) understand them, and then,
(b) apply the correct solution
<>] And did you become an entrepreneur to learn complex Web technologies or to build a fantastic business through marketing, developing relationships with customers and establishing market presence?

<>] and ‘unlimited’/unmetered’ websites/bandwidth/disk storage deals that turn out to be VERY limited as soon as much traffic comes to a site or a certain level of server resources are needed – a total scam shamefully still going on today e.g.

If your faced one of these issues, then I think you should have a look at my favorite hosting provider – The Best Website Hosting With 30s Support -

Chris Lynn
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